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Signing up and what it means to be ‘pending’ at Mad Dog Casting

Every week, lots of people sign up to Mad Dog Casting. As a UK wide agency, we’re keen to encourage people over the age of 16, all over the UK who have good availability to get involved in some of the exciting opportunities that arise in the TV and film industry.

However, we are keen to dispel some myths.

With our open sign up policy, it allows unlimited numbers of people to potentially be involved but there is a balance between our team being able to register artists and speak to clients to bring work in. There are no guarantees of work and we don’t want to waste anyone’s time by bringing them in to register when there is not much chance of getting them work. As we get hundreds of people signing up each week, this balance is crucial and important to understand.

When you have applied on our website, you become a ‘pending’ artist. This does not mean you are on our registered book. You will be only sent enquiries when we cannot fill a brief with our registered artists. While you are pending if you receive enquiries this is a good indication that there is a demand for your look or skills and it is very likely that we will invite you to register. If you are booked for a job we will register you and you will continue to be on our book for the rest of the year.

I have missed the annual registration now so that is it for another year

We register people all year round now, so you can receive a call at any time to come in. We still have some key times for registrations at the end of each year where we invite lots of people in to be registered but if you have not been invited in all is not lost. We also do calls around productions where we are looking for large numbers of people who we cannot find in our book. It is well worth keeping an eye on Facebook and on Mad Dog Castings website news pages for urgent castings as this is where we ask for those very specific roles.

I will have to pay to go to London to register with Mad Dog Casting

With three offices and a service geared to meeting the requirements of production clients we often undertake registrations around the UK in Cardiff, in Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh or Glasgow.  The film and TV industry in the UK has changed dramatically over the last ten years, regional studios have grown in number and with increasing TV budgets which can use more challenging locations, production can be anywhere in the UK.

There is nothing I can do to increase my chances of being selected

Selection really depends on the likely demand for your services. We do not want large numbers of people on the book who are not getting any enquiries or work. We are in the business of finding people work. The people on our book are selected either because we believe there will be demand for them or because they have responded to a casting call. We have some top tips which can increase your chances of being selected and ultimately in getting work on set:

  • Make sure that your main photograph meets the guidelines, a clear three-quarter length photo of yourself. This does not have to be a professional photo but must be a good likeness.
  • Fill out your profile as completely as possible taking time to go through each section.
  • Make sure that you have all the official documents needed. You must have the correct evidence that you can work in the UK, and a UK National Insurance number. Without these you cannot register.
  • Consider getting a DBS check, these are needed if you work on set with someone under 18.
  • Get the Mad Dog Extras app for your mobile device as it is very easy to use, to complete your profile and to receive enquiries.

Mad Dog Casting check availability but don’t put me forward for the role

If we believe that you meet the productions brief and you confirm that you are available we always put you forward for the role. If you make other arrangements for the dates we have checked we ask that you let us know, just give the office a call. Often productions do not confirm the final selection until very late and it can cause significant problems if you have been selected but have not told us you are no longer available. We endeavor to let you know if you have not been selected but many times we are told late the evening before the shoot so if you do not hear from us you have not been selected. If you are “booked” and have agreed the dates we would not expect you to drop out under any circumstances.

I applied three years ago but haven’t heard anything

Mad Dog Casting do not contact people to let them know that they have not been selected for registration. Chances are though that if you applied a long time ago and haven’t been selected that we have enough people in your age category and with your look in the area you live. The creative industries are not predictable though, we don’t know what story people are going to want to tell next and where they are going to want to film it!

What do I do next?

Apply via the Mad Dog Extras app to register your interest. If you are keen to see what life is like on set, have good availability, and are reliable, working with Mad Dog Casting can be a great way to earn some extra cash and have the most extraordinary experiences.






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