Mad Dog Casting has been casting and coordinating artists since 1999, so with 15 years’ experience, we have the know-how to bring any filming to life.


We have cast for many major, world-wide and independent films such as Skyfall, Philomena, Cuban Fury and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, About Time, Hugo, Sweeney Todd and The Duchess, to name a few.

Our TV department has supplied artists for popular productions such as Sherlock, Eastenders, Atlantis, Holby City, Da Vinci’s Demons and The One Show, and the Commercials team continues to work across a range of ongoing advertising campaigns and idents for O2, McDonalds, Paddy Power, Channel 4 and BBC, as well as music promos, internet content and corporate films.

Mad Dog has offices in London and Cardiff.


  • With a specialist casting and coordination service, we are capable of providing a 1000-strong crowd in a 16th-Century battle scene, 300 Russian dancers for a flash-mob viral, or bringing an authentic 10-piece orchestra to liven up your period drama.
  • We fulfil any brief however obscure or challenging – recent briefs have included a nude double for a Hollywood star, expert kite flyers and a man who could dislocate his shoulder!
  • As well as casting, we provide crowd control services to help manage artists on-set.
  • Our offices allow us the ability to host auditions and castings if your space is limited.
  • Mad Dog is departmentalised into Film, Television and Commercial sectors, to ensure we provide a uniquely specialist service, honing our skills to meet your requirements, and building a valuable relationship with our clients.
  • Our service doesn’t stop at 6pm – Mad Dog is on-call and happy to help through the duration of your project, be it a blockbuster movie, a music video or a one-off documentary. We understand the need to work with the schedule of the production.

We look forward to working with you!

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